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The late Margaret 'Madam Moneybags' Paterson was eventually jailed after officers raided her home and discovered she was in charge of prostitutes across the country. Brothels, saunas and massage parlours were kept busy over the decades while streetwalkers continued to ply their trade.

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Those you do see are predominantly from local businesses promoting local services. These adverts enable local businesses to get in front of their target audience — the local community.

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Never mind; you get the point.

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But shocked as we were at this, it apparently was looked on quite as a matter of course by their neighbours, who quickly enumerated three or four similar cases, and mentioned, in particular, one where the mother and two daughters, all prostitutes, lived together and walked the streets together! In the Just Land, there are no fancy-men, or perhaps we should say, none who regularly stay with the girls and live on plunder.

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The street was horrible, like the rest of the old town at that time. A reeking slum filled with prostitutes and thieves or an ugly car park and rear-end of a train station. We were surprised to find cases of sisters living together, and together plying their filthy trade.

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The area around the bottom of Calton hill hasn't ever been a salubrious area, but at least the scene on the left is sort of pretty. Wait—if the world remains in ignorance of these innumerable crimes, how come this letter-writer knows about them?

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ed on February 17, Some rights reserved. The pictures show the foot of Leith Wynd in and The only surviving features are the wall of the Old Calton burial ground and the monument to David Hume that sticks up above it—the neighbourhood in the valley was demolished when the railway went in.

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Into these places, parties in recent times have been dragged, forcibly stripped of their clothes, and flung out again; and innumerable crimes have been committed of which the world remains in ignorance. Leith Wynd A reeking slum filled with prostitutes and thieves or an ugly car park and rear-end of a train station.