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It was midnight, and the driver of the late-model blue Mercedes had spent a few minutes cruising Santa Monica Boulevard before pulling up near one of several young male prostitutes beckoning from the curbside. The youth leaned into the car, his face just inches away from that of the middle-aged driver. A moment later, he scurried around to the passenger side, hopped in, and the sedan slid off into the night.

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Somehow, he had beaten us to this busy corner. I was very, very busy.

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I went to prison for drugs. These people are not in good shape. With more hookers on the street, the competition for turf intensifies, and new locations emerge. I was sent packing, but Coco, a cocoa-colored Puerto Rican kid, had all four fingers of his left hand broken as a reminder of his second-class-citizen status.

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Money calls and a lot of people answer. Taz, my old friend and running partner, and I are on a sort of archaeological expedition, taking a comprehensive citywide tour of my now distant past. These are people who have disorders of self-regulation. The childhood injury was massive, and I was stuffing it full of anything I could get my hands on. The entire transaction took place without me experiencing a single emotion. Drug-numbed and fueled by the kind of pathological bravado Dr. Drew describes, prostitution was working for me, and I suppose I was having fun.

Asian girls make more money than white girls. For me, the prostitution came along with my addiction. It was as if I was sealed in cellophane. It went on for years and was one of a litany of sexual injuries I sustained during childhood in an atmosphere as toxic as the air over Hollywood.

In my life at that time I thought I was getting what I wanted. The gender-challenged in high heels with bruised ankles and manufactured hair. I had all the moves and was good to go, prolific right out of the gate. Aligned with the laws of supply and demand, niche markets catering to varied tastes become part of the geography of prostitution.

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At first I turned tricks on the streets johns were known to frequent, but as any good hooker will tell you, you can turn a trick anywhere if you have a mind to. I knew right away that it was just the job for me.

I throttled a leather-masked, octogenarian art dealer in a bathhouse in Hollywood in a way that he may not have completely recovered from earnings? Santa Monica Boulevard. My bell was rung early on, and no one seemed to notice.

The meandering. When I got out, I stopped getting high.

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They follow conventions. If you have been ingrained to utilize this very primitive system, it becomes the way you relate in all your personal strategies. Young, dumb and full of barbiturates. Sunset Boulevard from La Brea to Alexandria has all kinds of real-girl hookers and real live pimps dressed in semi-stereotypical pimp gear.

But under the tutelage of three highly skilled Puerto Rican hooker-brothers from the Bronx — Kiko, Coco and Benny 13, 15 and 17, respectively — I created a caricature of myself to use as a marketing ploy.

I was a Midwestern teenager who instinctively understood the commodity value of my youthful sexuality.

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I was a prepubescent john. There, we would poke and sniff around at her thing for a nominal fee of 50 cents per person, per session. You only experience the clean table. It is fun and it does work; they do want to do it. His experience gives him a unique perspective. Like everything else in America that involves the law, race skews how it is enforced.

A few years down the road and more than a few times around the block, I began honing my street-sex skills to a fine edge in New York City and Los Angeles. Currently working as a health-care provider at a Los Angeles clinic where he specializes in STDs, Menjivar deals firsthand with the physical fallout of street prostitution in Hollywood. The disenfranchised. She had 30 cases on her desk the day I met her at her Hollywood Boulevard office. I would get into a car with a guy I had never seen before and have sex with him for money. I was a quick study with a natural ability.

As a full-blown teen hooker, my appeal was my fresh-faced, heartland, boy-meat aesthetic. This whole thing is driven by money and various needs.

Cahuenga at Wilcox is low-rent, over-the-hill, white-trash man hookers. My new friends were masterful at their craft and shared hard-learned, practical skills with great generosity. Yet I was still turning tricks on a regular basis, engaged in something called a re-enactment compulsion, trying to get a handle on an old wound from the reverse side. Initially, the solution works. As we approach the intersection at Highland Avenue, no one looks as interested in social climbing as in getting a few bucks to cop and a hotel room for the night.

From the back seat of a s Volvo station wagon, I take in the foot traffic on the sidewalk as we round the corner from Van Ness Avenue onto the boulevard of love. Rich or famous, johns are notoriously cheap.

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When I was 7 or 8 years old, a perverted, sexagenarian relative of mine started molesting a young cousin and me. They get stuck in these modes of intense pain and discomfort. My initial exposure to prostitution came at the tender age of My friends and I would hang around the playground after school until a young trollop named Tracey would happen by and take us home to her garage. I would simply shut it off. The mark of a good busboy is the absence of noise and an awareness of his presence around the table.

That dissociative mechanism has a very negative influence on emotional growth. A savvy hustler will ultimately have to serve it up from time to time, but even the best three-card monte dealer goes home broke some days.

Being a white boy, I sometimes was the lucky, if unjustly so, beneficiary of that bias. William Menjivar knows these streets almost as well as he knows the inside of a county jail cell. You slam some dope. He is a year-old, Salvadoran-born writer and former teen junkie rent-boy who turned more than 2, tricks between the ages of 13 and 23 at this very intersection. They go up to Sacramento for the politicians and down to San Diego for the servicemen. They just dissociate.

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Okay, so somebody found me. The question is, is it worth it to spend the money on controlling it?

Back in the day, I did my own tour of duty on this very same bleak street. I was also laying the groundwork for still another full-time job as an IV drug addict. I ed a major-label record deal fronting a band and worked as an actor on a network TV series and in films.

Among the benefits of being an enterprising young prostitute in a major metropolitan area is that you get access to segments of the population that would otherwise be unavailable to you. For a brief time this was an accurate outward rendering of my internal condition.

Hawaii and Arizona are big. At 18, I was creative, ambitious and focused in other areas as well.

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The mark of a good hustler is the absence of sex while getting the cash. San Juan offers jail, or, depending on priors or other mitigating circumstances, community service in lieu of jail time to those convicted of pandering. No, we just pass it by and bitch about it later. Blond white girls get premium pay from Asian businessmen. Lots of businessmen. People are just cruising around in the streets in Hollywood looking for kids to have sex with.

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My trust had been shattered in a world seemingly filled with the silence and complicity of co-conspirators. Like most other kids doing time on the street, my fate was sealed early. Caldera acknowledges the fact that current economic conditions are responsible for an increase in street prostitution. When the NBA playoffs or a boxing event are in town, you see a large increase in the of girls. A few highlights from the shortlist of heavily trafficked, largely denied L. The clientele includes the monetarily challenged and those with a boner for dirt.

He scampers down the block at a frantic pace, disappearing into the night as the last vestige of the golden hour dissipates. These autonomous, primitive regulatory mechanisms are basically arrests that occurred when they were traumatized in childhood.