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Dongguan, a city in southern China in the heart of the Pearl River Delta, has had a mixed reputation. However, Dongguan soon gained the undesirable title of the Capital of Sex.

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Shanghai is one of the biggest cities in China. It has an international presence going back many years.

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There are still some leftover mysteries from that summer, however. By Keyon Vafa. We spent the first day walking around Beijing. In my head, I had an understanding of how the rest of my time in Shanghai would play out.

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We returned from nights out to find stray cats wandering the hallways. Yet as the days dragged on, this possibility began to disappear. We had read about it on some sketchy blog we found on the later s of a Google search result, and after a train ride, two buses, and an hour-long hike, we reached our improbable destination.

It was the winter of my freshman year, and among the Wall Street firms and nonprofit organizations giving their best summer sales pitches, one option stood out: a summer program that paired 30 international college students with seven-week internships in Shanghai. After a brisk taxi ride, I arrived in the city center. For two hours, maybe three, the Great Wall of China belonged to us—two tourists trying to get away from Shanghai.

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And on one occasion, as ly alluded to, we found shit lying in the hallway. But for whatever reason, I applied for the program.

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And no one ever asked me if I wanted a prostitute. When we got lost in the hutongs, a group of locals were eager to point us in the right direction.

Why this chinese city has been nicknamed “the eastern amsterdam”

Thanks, Dorm Crew. There was no loud music or obscene displays of wealth, just calmness and a richness of culture.

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Perhaps it was the picture of the Shanghai skyline that did it. Welcome to Beijing.

How dongguan became china’s sin city

We were unprepared and departed without a plan, treating our voyage not as a visit to Beijing, but rather a three-day respite from Shanghai. Keyon Vafa is a sophomore in Leverett House. We saved the Great Wall for the final day.

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A getaway, I reasoned, could never hurt. Something about Beijing felt inherently different.

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But lacking other options, I headed to the taxi stand and summoned the next car. After living in the city for a few weeks, I discovered the only rule in Shanghai: There are no rules.

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My coworker Juan had some linen stolen from his hotel room, with the staff reception being no help. I sat down in the front seat, and before asking for my destination, the driver greeted me in his broken English and offered me a cigarette. Perhaps I wanted an escape.

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Pimps offered us prostitutes in the lobby, and, when we declined, pestered us through the elevator and up to our rooms. The nicest gesture I had received from a stranger in months came from a taxi driver who offered me a cigarette. In Shanghai, you can trample children on the subway if a seat opens up. Sometimes you need to get away. Maybe I had seen too many movies, but I figured this would be one of those stories where the protagonist finds himself in an undesirable situation and, only after removing some negative aspect of his personality, begins to enjoy it.

My foray into the depths of Shanghai began, innocently enough, at a summer opportunities fair in the Gutman Library.

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Or not. They smiled when they talked, eager to hear what we thought of their city. Yet I was fortunate enough to learn one important truth: Sometimes you need an escape. Things were calm; my phone was off, and we had nothing in our pockets besides a bit of cash and some snacks we snuck with us from an all-you-can eat breakfast buffet.

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I experienced an indescribable awe that day. Instead of busy streets and loud expanses, there were hutongs, picturesque clusters of narrow, pedestrian walkways that were impossible to associate with anything besides s China.

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Rather, I was treated to the sight of nothing but a crumbling wall stretching on for miles and miles. Almost on a whim, a few friends and I bought tickets to Beijing, about miles from Shanghai, and decided to spend a weekend there. I was able to recognize the group of amazing people, both international and Chinese, I had the opportunity to spend seven weeks with.